Alaska Police Raid Charlo “F*ck It I Quit” Greene’s Marijuana Club.

Charlo Greene

It seems that Alaskan authorities won’t let Charlo Greene be great. Greene attracted national attention when she quit her job as a newscaster live on-air, stating “Fuck it, I quit,” and simply walking off stage, after revealing that running the largest marijuana club in Alaska was a major conflict of interest for her. The clip quickly went viral, and gained Greene lots of media attention and vocal supporters.

But, now it looks like Greene also attracted a few haters along the way. KTUU reports,

“Police received reports of the illegal sale of marijuana and other derivatives at a location that’s been identified as the Alaska Cannabis Club on the 600 block of Gamble Street,” police wrote in a statement to media. “Search warrants are currently being served at the location …”

Marijuana, packaging materials allegedly related to illegal transactions, and two cars were seized in the raid.

“Any evidence we find here in pursuit to the investigation we would seize that evidence and likely some charges will be filed,” said APD spokesperson Jennifer Castro at the scene Friday afternoon. “It’s a good reminder that you cannot sell marijuana in Alaska or any product in any other form.”

Greene declined to speak to reporters at the scene but did comment, at length, about the situation on her Facebook page.

As a tax paying Alaskan, should I be incensed at the fact that Anchorage Police decided to waste already-stretched-thin resources executing a search search warrant on me, with around 10 armed officers in full-on swat gear (all threatening to arrest the peaceful 40-60 year old medical marijuana patients that were inside) instead of focusing on the stabbing and shootings that happened a mile away and just a few hours prior to their raid on my home?

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Hopefully Charlo Greene has some good legal representation on her side, either way, we are still rooting for her.