Artist Ruramai Rudo Musekiwa Celebrates Phenomenal African Women for South Africa’s National Women’s Day.

Ruramai Rudo Musekiwa , Sibahle

Ruramai Rudo Musekiwa is a Zimbabwe-born, Johannesburg-based artist and activist. She is also the founder of the Sibahle Movement. The movement is a lifestyle brand that utilizes social media, digital media, and a diverse range of imagery and branding to promote positive images of African women and celebrate Africanism.

According to the movement’s website,

The overarching vision of this movement is that every African person that becomes aware of this space, internalises this truth. We are beautiful in all our unique and colorful ways and it is only when we fully embrace the beauty that lies in our uniqueness that we can truly live from a place of power.

The word “Sibahle” means “We Are Beautiful.”

As part of the movement and in celebration of South African Women’s Day, August 9th, Musekiwa created a series of posters to honor influential and inspirational African women from all over the continent.

“The statement it seeks to make, is that our young girls can and should find inspiration right here, within the continent, within our context as a people. Women are the pillars of our society and it is imperative that we pay homage to inspirational women that not only radiate authenticity and passion within their respective crafts, but also understand how their purpose is connected to others (Ubuntu),” Musekiwa said in a press release.

Lupita Nyong’o

The Kenyan actress has been outspoken about colorism and gay rights.

Ruramai Rudo Musekiwa, Sibhale

Thandiswa Mazwai

Award-winning South African Singer and ambassador.

Ruramai Rudo Musekiwa, Sibhale


The South African musician has received global accolades for her talents.

Ruramai Rudo Musekiwa, Sibhale

Lebo Mashile

South African writer, actor, and poet.

Ruramai Rudo Musekiwa, Sibhale

Winnie Madikizela Mandela

South African activist and politician

Ruramai Rudo Musekiwa, Sibhale

Alek Wek

The South Sudanese model is also a missionary and human rights advocate.

Ruramai Rudo Musekiwa, Sibhale

Chimanda Ngozie Adichie

Adichie is a noted novelist and feminist writer.

Ruramai Rudo Musekiwa, Sibhale

Claire Mawisa

South African model, and television and radio personality.

Ruramai Rudo Musekiwa, Sibhale

Miriam Makeba

South African singer and civil rights activist.

Ruramai Rudo Musekiwa, Sibhale

Noni Gasa

South African fashion model and media personality.

Ruramai Rudo Musekiwa, Sibhale

Nandi Mngoma

South Africa media personality.

Ruramai Rudo Musekiwa, Sibhale

Simphiwe Dana

South African singer-songwriter who has been hailed as the “new Miriam Makeba”.

Ruramai Rudo Musekiwa, Sibhale

Lufuno Sathekge

Kenyan-born, South African raised stylist and fashion consultant.

Ruramai Rudo Musekiwa, Sibhale