Cops Pepper Spray Teens and Fracture Teen’s Jaw and Ribs During Incident at a Pool in Fairfield, Ohio.

Pool Incident Fairfield

A cellphone video shows a police officer violently slamming a teenager as he attempts to her arrest her. According to Krystal Dixon, the incident, which occurred at a pool in Fairfield, Ohio, started after pool workers called the cops over a minor disagreement.

Dixon, who had dropped of her children, along with her nieces and nephews at the pool, received a call that some of them had been denied entry because they didn’t have the proper attire.

According to The Grio,

Dixon said that she arrived to the pool and was informed by staff that the kids had broken pool rules when the swimsuit-less child swam in his clothes. They were asked to leave, and Dixon started to gather up her children. That’s when, according to Dixon, a park ranger began following her and took out his handcuffs when teens approached to see what was going on.

When Dixon could not provide ID because she did not have it on her, the officer grabbed her arm, and the kids asked him to let her go. From there, the situation escalated.

While Dixon claims the officers used unnecessary force, Fairfield police officer Doug Day said that “they refused to leave and became even more verbally aggressive and belligerent” and that Dixon’s sister “started jumping on the park ranger’s back.”

A cellphone video, which captured the incident appears to contradict the Fairfield police officer’s claims.

Following the incident, Dixon, who is pregnant, was rushed to the hospital and she also states that her niece suffered a fractured jaw and broken ribs. A total of five children went to the hospital and 2 adults and 2 children were arrested. According to several outlets, 15-year-old boy was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest and a 12-year-old girl was arrested and charged with assault and resisting arrest. Dixon also shared this image of one of the teens in the hospital, who was pepper sprayed while filming the incident.

Krystal Dixon Pool Fairfield
(Image via Journal News.)

Pool employees have declined to comment on the incident, but Fairfield Mayor Steve Miller, who has not seen the entire video of the incident said that he is looking into the matter.