Despite Objection From Some Residents, City Council in Texas Votes to Keep Street Named After Sandra Bland.

Sandra Bland

Last month, the Prairie View City Council in Texas announced that it had voted to rename the street where Sandra Bland was arrested after her.

Bland, a 28-year old woman from Chicago, drove to Texas in July to start a new job at her alma mater, Texas A&M. She was arrested after being stopped for a traffic violation. She died days later, in police custody, under mysterious circumstances.

Her unlawful arrest, and subsequent death caused national outcry, with many demanding to know what exactly happened to Sandra Bland.

The Prairie View City Council hoped that the naming of Sandra Bland Parkway would help to being healing to the community, but instead many residents objected to the change.

According to KHOU, a CBS affiliate out of Houston, Texas,

The council could have voted to reverse its decision, after hearing complaints from some longtime residents. That didn’t happen and the name Sandra Bland Parkway stands. But Tuesday night, we heard how divided the community is over a street sign and all it represents.

“The whole world is talking about Sandra Bland,” said one supporter from the council podium. “And Sandra Bland is putting Prairie View on the map.”

Supporters hope that the renamed street will serve as a constant reminder to both residents and the police.