ESPN’s Cari Champion Receives Promotion. Named Newest ‘SportsCenter’ Anchor.

Cari Champion

ESPN co-anchor Cari Champion has received a major promotion. TheWrap reports that, starting mid-July, Champion will work as anchor on the morning segments of SportsCenter. She will also feature in sports an entertainment segments for ABC’s “Good Morning America.

Champion, who first started working with ESPN in 2012, joins a strong group of women anchors on ESPN, including Sage Steele, Nicole Briscoem Lindsay Czarniak, Jaymee Sire, Sara Walsh, and Jade McCarthy.

She also follows in the footsteps of pioneering black women sports anchors such as Jayne Kennedy and Gayle Gardner.

“I grew up watching ‘SportsCenter’ — it is the flagship show so I am living the dream,” Champion told TheWrap. “When I first started working here, I would casually petition for it — but there’s always a long line.”