Good Eats. Estelle Shares Her Recipe For Grilled Lemon Chicken. A Spin on the Senegalese Dish Yassar Chicken.

Estelle Cookbook
(Image Credit: Estelle by Melissa Hom for Grub Street)

Estelle is one of many celebrities, athletes, activists, writers, artists, musicians, and television personalities who shared their recipes in a cookbook published by National Geographic, titled “Health Eating.”

The cookbook coincides with the premier of “Eat: The Story of Food,” a six-hour miniseries event, which will air on The National Geographic Channel on November 21 through November 23 at 9/8c.

The program will look at the evolution of food and food culture, noting that,

“Americans spend 10 percent of their disposable income on fast food; nearly 25% of all people eat fast food daily; and we eat nearly one-third more packaged than fresh food”.

Estelle’s recipe is a spin on Yassar Chicken, a dish her Senegalese mother taught her to make when she was young. The recipe is definitely a great option for clean eating that won’t sacrifice flavor. Check out Estelle’s “Grilled Lemon Chicken” below.

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Estelle Cookbook