Jodie Patterson On “Beauty Without Struggle”.

Jodie Patterson, W Magazine

Jodie Patterson is a former PR executive turned beauty entrepreneur. She launched Doobop in November of 2013, an online shop which bills itself as the “first beauty e-tailer uniquely curated and edited for multiethnic women”. We also featured the company in our list, “6 Brands That Will Help You Find The Perfect Shade of Foundation“.

In her latest interview with NY Magazine’s “The Cut”, she had this to say about “Natural Hair Movement”.

“There’s a lot of talk about the natural hair movement, but I’m not seeing it that way. That connotes a woman with some version of an Afro. When we talk about the natural hair thing, we think, Okay, it’s a woman wearing her hair in its complete natural state. But what I’m seeing a lot now is that women want an approach to beauty that’s less complicated. I’ve been calling it beauty without struggle. A lot of the questions are about giving up or reducing the chemicals, but not being locked into one style. They want versatility. Like, Today I want to do a short bang and bone-straight, but tomorrow I want to do curly and fluffy all over the place.”