Music Feature. Meet Anbuley. The Afro-futuristic Fusion Artist Who Sings in Ga.

Anbuley Music

Anbuley is a self-taught musician of Ghanian descent who lives and works in Vienna, Austria. She describes her sound as Afro-Futuristic/Afro-Fusion.

Her music is an eclectic, global mix of the past, the present, and the future, and features her singing in Ga, a language spoken in and around Accra, Ghana.

“For myself Music and Art are Spiritual,” says Anbuley. “I can connect to a much deeper place in singing in Ga.”

The globe-trotting artist cites Fela Kuti and Diana Ross as inspiration for her art and unique 70’s infused personal style.

Anbuley Music

Anbuley dreams of collaborating with Missy Elliott and Konono no.1, but in the meantime is working on new releases. She’ll be releasing 3 new collaborations and a new music video, so stay tuned. Keep updated on all things Anbuley via her website.