News Round Up. Comedy Central Stands Behind Trevor Noah. President Obama Heading to Kenya

Trevor Noah

After several blogs dug up old, offensive, and seemingly Anti-Semitic tweets from South African Comedian Trevor Noah over the past 5 years, many were sure this was the beginning of the end. Some folks also took issue with his jokes about African-Americans. But, Comedy Central released a statement yesterday afternoon, stating they support the comedian. Noah also responded on Twitter.

Music Fans Aren’t Feeling Tidal.

Jay Z launched his own streaming music service, Tidal, on Monday in a weird press conference, alongside major artists including Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and Madonna. But some folks aren’t feeling the platform or the pricetag.

No New Aaliyah Music… For Now.

After facing internet backlash, it looks like T-Pain might have ditched his posthumous Aaliyah collaboration. via VIBE.

Marijuana Mogul Charlo Green is Still Fighting the Feds

Charlo Green announces her plans for a lawsuit after her medical marijuana business was subject to what she considers and unlawful raid. via KTUU.

Obama Goes to Kenya.

President Obama will make his first visit to Kenya since he was elected into office. He made his last visit as a senator in 2006. via ESSENCE.