Quick Quotes. Why Issa Rae isn’t Calling For an Oscars Boycott Anytime Soon.

Issa Rae

In the wake of an extremely white awards season, the usual arguments keep coming up. Some call for boycotts, others demand that people of color stop “seeking validation,” and of course there’s everyone’s favorite — “make your own.” When writer, actress, and producer Issa Rae was recently asked about an Oscar boycott in an interview with MTV, she made a really good point about creators of color wanting to be recognized for their art.

But I do get frustrated when people say to me, “Oh, why are you tripping about the Oscars? We need to stop letting these people validate us.” At the end of the day, the Oscars were founded by actors and directors and producers who wanted to nominate their peers and who wanted to nominate “the best.” And currently as it stands Oscars celebrate the best, so to be snubbed from that — it’s not about white validation but the “best” validation, you know? That’s what’s frustrating. But we have to just get up in there.

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