Staceyann Chin. Open and Honest. Truth Be Told.

StaceyAnn Chin, truth be told

We’ve been on a Staceyann Chin kick as of late. There are many reasons why I love the writer/activist, her propensity towards truth telling however ugly and hurtful the subject matter may be just makes her a badass chick in my book. We’ve introduced you all to Truth. Be. Told. before, watch Staceyann bare her soul on the series by Katina Parker that showcases the lives of black queer visionaries.

Truth. Be. Told. f. Staceyann Chin from Katina Parker on Vimeo.

Also, you should check out her memoir The Other Side of Paradise: A Memoir, it’s a good read. You can buy the book Amazon as well as larger bookstores around the U.S.