The Best Answers From Idris Elba’s “Ask Me Anything”.

Idris Elba Esquire Magazine
(Idris Elba for Esquire Magazine by Simon Emmett)

Idris Elba recently stopped by Reddit for a little while to answer pretty much anything. The star of the No. 1 movie in America shared all sorts of tidbits about his life and career including that he loves to play villains and is also a fan of Mary Poppins. We also learn that he would totally play James Bond if the role was offered to him.

On what you should do if you happen to encounter him out and about in public,

Ehmm- I really like it when fans just say “Hey man, I’m just – nice to meet you, you know. this is who I am” a lot of fans don’t say hello, or just forget the ordinary common niceties. They just go straight to “can I take a picture” and sometimes that’s, it’s nice to be spoken to, not spoken at.

His favorite Disney films,

What is my favourite classic animated movie…dudududu… what is my favourite… that’s a good question. At the risk of sounding corny, I think it is The Jungle Book. And it’s not animated, but it fits in that world, Mary Poppins. I loved Mary Poppins. Classic, man, just classic! The songs, the animation, amazin’.

That time he directed and starred in a music video for the Mumford & Sons song “Lover of the Light“.

Well, Mumford and Sons asked me to be in a video for them. They didn’t want to be in the video, they were all big fans of The Wire, and I said “yes but only if I can direct it” – they huddled together, shook their heads, and said “Okay then.” and the rest is history.

His favorite breakfast,

My favourite breakfast?

Steak and eggs. Eggs over medium. With some hot sauce on the side. Maybe a waffle or some brown toast. And some spinach. And then… if i can’t get that, then I’ll get scrambled eggs and salmon with some avocado.

Will we ever get more episodes of Luther?

We are in talks at the moment to figure out a way to bring more Luther back to the TV, but the focus is to try and make a film from it.

And lastly, Idris Elba will totally say hi to your friend Toni. He will also assure her to keep calm.

Hello Toni. Please don’t lose it!