‘The Nightly Show.’ Larry Wilmore Hosts A Panel About Periods.

Larry Wilmore the Nightly Show

The panels on Larry Wilmore’s on “The Nightly Show” have been pretty hit or miss since the show’s inception, but he definitely got right in one of the show’s recent episodes. Wilmore led an upfront discussion about periods with comedian Susie Essman, “Madame President” author Nicole Wallace, and “The Nightly Show” writer Holly Walker.

The topic of discussion was spurred by an op-ed written by Dr. Julie Holland for TIME. In the piece, Holland asserts that Hillary Clinton’s “post-menopausal” status makes her the perfect candidate for president.

Estrogen is a stress hormone that helps a woman be resilient during her fertile years. Its levels rise and fall to help her meet her biological demands, which are often about giving to others: attracting a mate, bearing children and nurturing a family. When estrogen levels drop after menopause, the cyclical forces that dominated the first half of our lives have been replaced with something more consistent. Our lives revolve less around others and become more about finally taking our turn.

The panel of smart, funny women, took the sexist, ageist, backhanded, compliment to task with jokes as well as some serious points. At one point Holly Walker declared “Larry, I’m bleeding right now! — And things are okay!”

“It’s like women are some creature we’ve never met before,” Wilmore responded.

This isn’t the first time periods and hormones have been brought up as a reason that women can’t hold the highest office in the United States. Cheryl Rios, the CEO of Go Ape Marketing in Texas, recently went viral, after declaring that we should only have male presidents because of hormones.

The panel also joked about how men’s hormonal proclivities should also prevent them from becoming president. Comedian Hari Kondabolu expertly made this joke back in 2012.

It’s amazing that we’ve never had a female president. A big part of that is we have men in this country that are so sexist, that they say things like, ‘We can’t have a woman president. ‘Cause you know what’s going to happen if we elect a woman, right? Once a month she’s going to have her period and have PMS and go crazy. She’ll ruin the country.’ We have men who actually believe that a woman, because of her biology, has her judgment impaired once a month. Well I’m a man with a penis and testicles; my judgment is impaired every five to seven minutes.