TV One to Air Original Horror Film Starring Elise Neal and Lynn Whitfield on October 18th.

Fright Night Files, TV One

One October 18th at 8pm, TV One will air it’s first original horror film. The film titled “Fright Night Files” will be a 90 minute trilogy featuring Lynn Whitfield as Madame Mabry, a Jamaican, voodoo expert. Eva Marcille, Bokeem Woodbine, Sean Blakemore and Davetta Sherwood are also included in the cast.

Here’s a breakdown of each part of the series, via TV One.

Pillow Talk Channel 187
Late night radio DJ Coffee Black (Elise Neal) has the sultry voice that can seduce any man over the airwaves and in person, she brings them to their knees, in more ways than one. When Coffee begins to receive mysterious calls from past lovers like Isaiah (Bokeem Woodbine) her world is filled with dead air.

For The Love Of Lockwood
Jealousy engulfs Marla Peters (Eva Marcille) just as she is set to marry her fiancé Lockwood Masters (Sean Blakemore) driving him to call off the wedding. Lockwood ultimately forgives Marla and with a little assistance from Madame Mabry (Whitfield) promises to love her… to death.

Mirror, Mirror
Ronald (Harry Lennix) is caught in a love triangle between his new love Alexa (Victoria Rowell) and his live-in girlfriend Jessica (Davetta Sherwood). After coming home to find Jessica and friends including Monique (Karrueche Tran) performing a strange ritual, he breaks the relationship off. As a peace offering, Jessica brings an ornately-decorated mirror that changes his life forever.

Watch a quick teaser below.