‘Dear White People’ Breaks Box Office Earnings Record for Crowdfunded Films.

Dear White People Poster Justin Simien

Dear White People first gained traction in 2012 with a concept trailer, funded with director Justin Simien’s tax return. By 2014, the film, which was funded through crowdfunding platform Indiegogo made a splash at film festivals all over the country, even earning Sundance award.

After the film hit theaters last fall, it was announced that Dear White People was also attracting the interest of international markets.

The past couple of years have been major for crowdfunded films, with platforms like Indiegogo experiencing a growth rate of over 115% in the film category.

Indiegogo also recently announced that Dear White People has broken the domestic box office record for a crowdfunded film. The platform also shared a short documentary about the film, featuring director Justin Simien. Last fall, Simien expressed interest in turning the film into a TV series.