New Web Series To Watch. “Everything I Did Wrong In My 20’s”.

Tiffany Snow, Everything I did Wrong In my 20's, Kim Williams, Inkspot Entertainment

It seems that every era comes with it’s own form of angst. While television and other media are chock full of teen angst and 20’s angst, rarely do we see a form of 30’s angst that is as smart, humorous and self-aware as “Everything I Did Wrong In My 20’s. The upcoming series, produced by Inkspot Entertainment and Written by Kim Williams, premieres online on Wednesday June 25th. It’s a more grounded “Eat, Pray, Love” for the modern woman as portrayed in the title character, Stephanie Rogers played by Tiffany Snow.

After losing her job, Stephanie Rogers, a depressed 35+ year old, begins the search for happiness. She reflects on the choices she made in her 20’s that led her to unhappiness and regret in her 30’s.

Watch a quick teaser: