“She is” by Rimike Omolekulo.

Rimike Omolekulo, She Is, Nigerian Artists, Black Female Artists

I recently discovered the art of Rimike Omolekulo on the magical virtual world that is twitter.  Her bold use of colours and the imagery of feminity is clearly defined across her work. I invited Rimike, who is splits her time between London and Lagos, to share her inspiration with SUPER.selected.

Rimike, Nigerian Artists, Black Female Artists
(She is the woman that cultivates her own understanding of her world around.)

Rimike, Nigerian Artists, Black Female Artists
(She finds peace in the depths of her oceanic consciousness.)

“She is” is a series of pieces that represent the landmarks a woman reaches on her journey to self awareness and happiness.

My inspiration stems not only from my own personal journey, but from the journey of the many amazing women I encounter. The lease of life they indulge in is like no other; and it begins from within.

My current focus artistically is on women and the collective journey we must take in order to be the people we aspire to be; to reach our full capacity. Irrespective of our individual paths, dreams and destinies, the one thing we share is the strength that develop over time must come from within.

In these series of pieces (which will grow continuously through my journey as an artist; it is a never-ending collection) I want to empower women to recognize their inner strength, their happiness and peace.

In the world we live in today you find that it is easy to substitute “happiness”, “peace”, “self-awareness” and “strength” with material things, we are exposed to an array of things that we don’t need. We temporarily find those states of being and mind in those things until they become futile. I want to inspire young girls to look within themselves and see the beauty that exists within. I hope these images will enlighten the minds of people and see how beauty is beyond the physical.

Rimike, Nigerian Artists, Black Female Artists
(Her energy translated.)

Rimike, Nigerian Artists, Black Female Artists
(All the reaons she has to smile sized.)

Rimike, Nigerian Artists, Black Female Artists
(Sweetest scents.)

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