‘Walk With Me.’ This Short Film is a Fantastical Trip Inside the Imagination of a Ugandan Girl.

Walk With me, Peter Tukei Muhumuza

Created by Ugandan artist Peter Tukei Muhumuza and Danish filmmaker Johan Oettinger, Walk With Me is a fantastical, yet dark short film that takes viewers into the imagination of a 9-year-old Ugandan girl.

According to the Copenhagen International Film Festival,

“Using a mix of live action and puppet animation, this is a shining example of a film for children, and about childhood. A 9-year-old girl lives in rural Uganda. She is beautiful and full of life. Her biggest dream is to become a dancer. While she is performing her duties on the farm, she spends her time daydreaming. The task she likes best is looking after the goats – she is responsible for both the adult goats and their kids, and it is above all the kids she loves most. One day, one of the kids falls ill, and even though she tries to take care of it, she ends up having to kill it. The task is too much for her, and hesitant to kill the kid, she instead nurtures and looks after it. The kid becomes increasingly ill, and she stays with it until it finally dies. A story about getting older, about life and – most importantly – about dancing.”

Watch the entire film below.

h/t Shadow and Act.