10 Black Female Superheroes and The Actresses We’d Love To See Play Them

Naomi Campbell, Storm, Black Female Superheroes

1. Danai Gurira as Frenzy

The “Walking Dead” star already has experience acting as a loner who later joins a bigger group. We think she could bring some serious emotional depth to the role with her acting.

Danai Gurira Frenzy

2. Rosario Dawson as Cecilia Reyes

She’s no stranger to action and she would clearly do this character’s internal conflict arising from her complex storyline justice.

Cecilia Reyes Rosario Dawson

3. Yaya Alafia as Misty Knight

Yaya is definitely one actress we are dying to see more from. Maybe she’d take on a role like this after her Oscar win?

Yaya Alafia, Misty Knight, Black Female Superheroes

4. Zoe Saldana as Silhouette

Another actress on this list who has been in several Sci-fi and action blockbusters, Zoe Saldana could definitely meet the physical demands of this role.

Silhouette Chord Zoe Saldana, black female superheroes

5. Rutina Wesley as Threnody

We’d Love to see the “True Blood” actress kick ass as a superhero.

Blue Backdrop for photography, rutina Wesley, Threnody, Black Female Superheroes

6. Naomie Harris as Timeslip.

The British beauty is clearly comfortable playing a diverse range of character roles.

Timeslip, Naomie Harris, Black Female Superheroes

7. Beyoncé Knowles-Carter as Thunder

Her last foray into action was more comedic, but we think the singer could definitely bring this character to life. Maybe Solange could make a cameo as Lightening?

Thunder, Anissa Pierce, Beyonce

8. Halle Berry as Vixen

Sure, we already know her as Storm, but we think this role would be a better fit.

Vixen, Halle Berry, Black Female Superheroes

9. Naomi Campbell as Storm

Speaking of Storm, even though we haven’t seen much from this British catwalker in the way of acting, we think her striking presence alone would add some weight to this most famous hero.

Naomi Campbell Storm Black Female Superheroes

10. Shareeka Epps as Martha Washington

There was a lot of buzz a few years ago about a Martha Washington movie being made with Rosario Dawson taking on the role. We think Shareeka Epps would be a better fit.

Shareeka Epps, Martha Washington, Black Female Superheroes