“F*ck It, I Quit”. What Happened After Alaskan Reporter Charlo Greene’s Epic Live Pink Slip.

Charlo Greene, I Quit, Alaska Reporter, Weed Activist

In case you missed it, Alaskan reporter Charlo Greene announced that she would be parting ways with her employer would in one of the most public and direct ways possible.

During a segment about the ongoing debate on the legalization of marijuana, Greene went off teleprompter and outed herself as the owner of Alaska’s only cannabis club. Her very direct and surprising announcement ended in the best way possible, with a “Fuck it, I quit” and a walk off. The clip has since gone viral, with many viewers applauding her.

While epic “I quit” declarations going viral in the age of the Internet are nothing new, with many a cubicle dweller wishing they had the moxie to pull of what individuals like Charlo Greene manage to, few of us consider what happens next. Greene recently spoke to Vice about what it was like seconds after she walked away from that camera.

What was the aftermath like in the studio?
Thank goodness it was on a Sunday night when most of the people were in the downstairs studio. I was doing my live hit in the upstairs one, so I didn’t see anything happening in the actual newsroom itself, but there were a couple of higher ups that were on my floor that were kinda freaking out—a little panicked. The phones were ringing off the hook, and I was escorted out. That was it.

And there’s been no fallout since?
The station took down my bio and all that stuff, but no one has been in touch with me.

Charlo Greene, I Quit, Alaska Reporter, Weed Activist

Greene also stated that she is optimistic about her future and the future of marijuana legalization in Alaska. For now her club is members only and strictly for medical users, but she hopes and is working towards changing that. To keep up with Charlo Greene follow her on Facebook and Twitter.